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Demonstration of a new method in the theory of arithmetic


Leonhard Euler

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According to Jacobi, a treatise with this title was read to the Berlin Academy on June 8, 1758. According to St. Petersburg Academy records, it was presented to that Academy on October 15, 1759.

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Euler presents a third proof of the Fermat theorem, the one that lets us call it the Euler-Fermat theorem; this seems to be the proof that Euler likes best. He also proves that the smallest power xn that, when divided by a number N, prime to x, and which leaves a remainder of 1, is equal to the number of parts of N that are prime to n. In other words, the order of x modulo N is equal to the number of distinct aliquot parts of N.

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Novi Commentarii academiae scientiarum Petropolitanae, Volume 8, pp. 74-104.

Opera Omnia Citation

Series 1, Volume 2, pp.531-555.

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