Understanding Neuropathic Pain & Headaches: How They Affect Dentistry and TMD



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Conference Title

Island Dental Colloquium


University of California, San Francisco & University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry


Maui, HI

Conference Dates

February 8-12, 2016

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More than just dental and TMD-related conditions can cause pain in the jaw. Neuropathic pain (pain caused by damage or dysfunction of the nerves themselves) can occur following routine dental procedures, can be a result of a patient’s genetics, can occur spontaneously or can present in an emergency patient complaining of dental pain. Likewise, many headaches look like TMDs, and some TMDs are actually a manifestation of an undiagnosed headache. Not recognizing them as such can result in what feels like a frustratingly difficult TMD. Dentists who can recognize these occurrences can refer their patients effectively to the right medical specialists.

You Will Learn

- How to recognize neuropathic conditions, particularly those that look like dental pain

- How to avoid causing neuropathic pain and manage it when it occurs

- How to differentiate the more deceptive headaches from TMDs

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