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Jan. 21. Willow Springs, by which placewe wished to go, as we had almostdetermined to stop there for the night.After going on for a while, we cameto a mining camp, and to be surethat we were on our right road, westopped to inquire of the miners.But we found that they were allChinamen, who, altho' they saidwe were in the right direction,yet could not inform us of thedistance. They also spoke of a storea little ahead where we would bebetter directed. So we went on, on,on, until we knew we must havegone much farther than two miles,and still no store appeared, norhouse, nor human being. At last,we came to a place where two roadsmet. Here we were brought to astand completely. We could heardogs barking, but could not tellhow far away or in what direction.It was growing late, we were tired,and so was the horse. After a longconsultation, we at length determinedto try the right hand road,as that looked as if it had been theJan. 21. most traveled during the day.But after we had gone a few yardswe thought it best to try the other,hoping soon to meet someone whocould direct us. But no person didwe meet, yet we determined to pushon, knowing that we should at lastcome somewhere. Just as we were almostdespairing of reaching our place ofdestination, we reached a miningcamp, and inquiring where we werewe found that we had really reachedWillow Springs. Our joy was great,when we found that we were still onthe right track. Willow Spring Houseis a beautiful hotel, 3 stories high,with an observatory on the top. Asit was only 4 miles farther to Drytown,we thought it not best tostop here, but regretted that we didnot, for we next encountered such abad place in the road as I neverbefore passed over. Dr. got out and urgedthe horse along, and I also got outand walked partly over, by the sideof the road where it was hard. We founda bad road all the rest of the way, andDr. walked almost the whole distance.

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January 1856

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Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library

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