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Dec. 24. in the rear of the house, anda cloth, tentlike, covering stretchedover them. As it had been rainingconsiderably, the ground was verydamp and cold, and the thin - soledshoes of the ladies, renderedsitting there not very beneficialto health. The tables looked veryinviting, being spread with allwhich could tempt the appetite,very showily arranged, such asfruits, cake, confectionary, etc. Butthe food was all cold, which circumstanceadded to the coldness ofthe atmosphere, nearly chilled methrough. There were several gentlemenwhom I observed to be the worse forliquor, which was sold in an outhouse,where, I understand, werealso men gambling. I also observedthe sad, disconsolate faces of thesemen's wives as they noticed theirirregular conduct and again Iblessed God that I was united toone who would not thus costaway the honor and dignity of aman. After we had eaten andwere nicely warmed, we took leaveDec. 24. of all, and returned home, notgreatly edified. Found Luther sleepingsoundly in bed.Dec. 25. Christmas. T.S.R. 31. 2 P.M. 48.S.S. 44. Clear and cold. Dined at 4P.M. on wild goose, plum puddingand pies. Father Locke enjoyed itwell. The evening we spent in singingand playing on the Eolian andviolin.Dec. 26. T.S.R. 31. 2 P.M. 52. S.S. 47.Father Locke came over and dinedwith us today, on the remains ofyesterday's dinner.Dec. 27. T.S.R. 42. 2 P.M. 45. S.S. 44. ShoweryDec. 28. Sabbath. T.S.R. 33. 2 P.M. 45. S.S.40. Today we have attended church atthe little schoolhouse. Mr. Sharppreached from Ps. 119.54. "Thy statuteshave been my song in the houseof my pilgrimage." This life is apilgrimage through a decay landto the heavenly Canaan. The bodyis the clay house or tenement of thesoul, which has not been built toendure, but will soon decay. To theChristian, the law and word of Godare ever a delight and joy. He reads

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December 1856

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Holt-Atherton Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library

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