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1888. Grandma Athearn was buried this A.M. from our church. Have written to Horace. (T.S.R. 45. 2 P.M. 63. S.S. 48.)

Mar. 9. Friday. I have heard that Mr. Gray of "Hillside Cottage" died on Feb 22d or 23rd, so today I have written to Mrs. Gray for the particulars, and recieved a letter from Ada. (T.S.R. 34. 2 P.M. 58. S.S. 49.)

Mar. 10. Saturday. Uncle made us a short visit from Stockton and returned. (T.S.R. 35. 2 P.M. 58. S.S. 53.)

Mar. 11. Sabbath. Mrs. Dr. Lord, lecturing for the W.C.T.U. lectured in our church P.M. and evening and stayed here over night. Received letter from Calvin. (T.S.R. 38. 2 P.M. 61. S.S. 57.)

Mar. 12. Monday. Old Charlie (horse) and a fine colt were found dead under the straw-stack, having been buried eight days ago by the cyclone overturning the stack. Though missed, he was only just found. Anybody would thereby judge us to very smart people. Have written to Ada and Calvin. (T.S.R. 43. 2 P.M. 69. S.S. 60.)

Mar. 13. Tuesday. We had a little rain this morning and a cloudy day. Have received letters from Horace and Willie. (T.S.R. 51. 2 P.M. 66. S.S. 56.)

Mar. 14. Wednesday. A foggy morning. Wrote to Willie. (T.S.R. 43. 2 P.M. 63. S.S. 59.)

Mar. 15. Thursday. The men finished spraying the new orchard today, and now they will work at the old one. Received letters from Mrs. Gray and Ada. Mrs. Gray gave particulars of her husband's death. It was from an over-dose of hydrate of chloral. She had been absent a few days in San Jose, making purchases, and returned to find him dying. He had been drinking hard, and took the chloral to sober him off. Poor man! naturally of a kind heart, a Grand Army veteran, what a pity that temptation so over came him. Ada writes that Alma has been sick with pneumonia. (T.S.R. 44. 2 P.M. 66. S.S. 62.)

Mar. 16. Friday. Alice is today 26 years old, and relatives and friends gave her a surprise party this evening - was not myself able to attend. Mrs. Billinghurst called today. The Choral Society has been moved to the M.E. Church by the influence of Mr. McCourt and others. Now it will dwindle and die as a consequence for it has sustained chiefly by the Lockes, and they are not going to travel up there often to sustain it. (T.S.R. 48. 2 P.M. 70. S.S. 65.)

Mar. 17. Saturday. Ex. Gov. St. John of Kansas lectured at Woodbridge this evening and Hannah, Wallace, Aunt Susie and Lou went down to hear him and were greatly interested. (T.S.R. 46. 2 P.M. 73. S.S. 65.)

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1888. Mar. 18. Sabbath. Members of our Band of Hope, in large wagons, went this P.M. to Woodbridge, to hear Ex. Gov. St. John lecture on Temperance. Received a letter from Calvin. (T.S.R. 45. 2 P.M. 70. S.S. 64.)

Mar. 19. Monday. Laura Hansen, our cook, left us today, and the cooking and milk work fall too heavily upon Hannah, and inconsequence she feels quite discouraged. It has been a windy day. Wrote to Calvin and Ada. (T.S.R. 45. 2 P.M. 67. S.S. 63.)

Mar. 20. Tuesday. We learn that Mrs. Smart of Lodi is dead, and is to be buried tomorrow. Thus her two children, Newton and Amanda, are left orphans. (T.S.R. 40. 2 P.M. 72. S.S. 65.)

Mar. 21. Wednesday. Have exchanged letters with Willie today. He is having a two week's vacation. (T.S.R. 43. 2 P.M. 70. S.S. 65.)

Mar. 22. Thursday. Weather cloudy. We have obtained the services of Mrs. Russem as cook, and so Hannah will be relieved. Have received letters from Ada and Horace. Alma is still sick. Wrote to Horace. (T.S.R. 49. 2 P.M. 64. S.S. 55.)

Mar. 23. Friday. Still cloudy. (T.S.R. 50. 2 P.M. 61. S.S. 56.)

Mar. 24. Saturday. (T.S.R. 43. 2 P.M. 67. S.S. 58.)

Mar. 25. Sabbath. A north wind has been blowing. Received a letter from Calvin. (T.S.R. 41. 2 P.M. 62. S.S. 57.)

Mar. 26. Monday. Still the north wind blows. Have received letters from Horace and Willie telling of a most fearful snowstorm in the East, such as was never before remebered for its violence, at this season of the year. The street cars were stopped in New York City, and people frozen to death in their houses. Many sad cases of suffering are reported. Have written to Ada. (T.S.R. 33. 2 P.M. 64. S.S. 58.)

Mar. 27. Tuesday. Wrote to Calvin. (T.S.R. 36. 2 P.M. 67. S.S. 61.)

Mar. 28. Wednesday. Wrote to Willie. (T.S.R. 36. 2 P.M. 72. S.S. 62.)

Mar. 29. Thursday. Afternoon cloudy. Have written to Horace and received a letter from Mrs. Bates. (T.S.R. 42. 2 P.M. 64. S.S. 53.)

Mar. 30. Friday. A cloudy day and a rainy night. Have written to Mrs. Bates and received a letter from Ada. (T.S.R. 45. 2 P.M. 62. S.S. 56.)

Mar. 31. Saturday. Cloudy and rainy. Willie's report of school work in Phillips Exeter Academy has come to hand, and we all have reason to be proud of him, for he stood highest in a class of 91 members. His average percent was 95%. It seems strange to me that our Cal. boy could go to N.H. and beat the natives in scholarship. (T.S.R. 51. 2 P.M. 64. S.S. 55.)

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January 1885

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circa 1885-1891


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