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1883. Aug. 21. Tuesday. Ada went to San Francisco, met Mr. Cooke, and both returned home. I have had a feast of letters today - letters from Howard, Ida, Willie and Eunice, and have written home, to Willie, and to Eunice.

Aug. 22. Wednesday. Have exchanged letters with the home folks and written to Howard.

Aug. 23. Thursday. The asthma grows worse and worse with me. I see plainly that I am not benefitted by staying here. So I have written to Ida, asking if they could not some of them go camping with me for a little while. I do not dare to try to go home and stay. Have exchanged letters with Horace and Ida.

Aug. 24. Friday. When I was feeling very badly this morning Willie came and cheered me up considerably. It seems there is a holiday - a legal holiday - on account of the laying of the cornerstone of the Garfield monument at San Francisco - so school did not keep. The Knight Templars have a conclave there and the city is full of people from all parts of the United States. It is estimated that there are 30,000 strangers in the city, and for once the immense Palace Hotel is full. Willie preferred to stay with me to going to see the procession, but we heard about it, for Mr. & Mrs. Wells were here to tea, and he had been to the celebration and gave us a very minute description of the procession and the gathering, which for grandeur and show is supposed never to have been excelled in the United States. The only way to enjoy it was to get upon an eminence and overlook it, for the crowd was so great, that in no other way could a person get any idea of its magnificence. I wrote home but got no letters, as the mail is not distributed on a holiday.

Aug. 25. Saturday. Exchanged letters with the home folks today. Willie went back to school at San Jose this afternoon. I have had a pleasant visit with him.

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1883. Aug. 26. Sabbath. Still unable to attend church. Will's mother was here today.

Aug. 27. Monday. Have written home and received a letter from Mr. Pascoe. Ada and Will have attended the Crystal Wedding of Mr. & Mrs. Trumbull.

Aug. 28. Tuesday. Have received letters from Willie and Ida and written home.

Aug. 29. Wednesday. Received letters from Howard, Horace and Ida, and have written to Willie and Ida. Mr. Cooke and I have been to call on Mr. Blakeslee, who is very sick and has been failing for months. We found him on Alice Street at the Homeopathic Dispensary. He was at the house of his daughter Helen, but the noise of the children disturbed him, so they removed him to this place and hired a nurse to attend him. He is very sick and weak, is conscious that he cannot recover, but is peaceful and happy, ready either to live or die, as the Lord may see fit to direct. I did not go in to see him, as he is up stairs, and I did not feel equal to the effort, but Mr. Cooke had a pleasant conversation with him. On our way home we stopped at Mrs. Rowell's door. Her little girl - May - has the whooping cough, and so is at home from the Kindergarten school, which she attends.

Aug. 30. Thursday. Have exchanged letters with Ida and written to Horace.

Aug. 31. Friday. Have exchanged letters with the home folks. Mr. and Mr. Adams took tea with us.

Sept. 1. Saturday. Again exchanged letters with the home folks. We had a little rain at night.

Sept. 2. Sabbath. We had a little more rain this morning. No going to meeting for me.

Sept. 3. Monday. Exchanged letters with the home folks as usual.

Sept. 4. Tuesday. Have exchanged letters with Willie and Ida. This P.M. Fanny Swett came and remained all night. She is visiting friends here and in San Francisco. Alice A. and Allen Atheam have gone to Gilroy Springs for health.

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January 1880

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circa 1880-1884


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