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In this workshop, we will describe the recent effort currently underway at University of the Pacific to revisit and revise the learning outcomes for courses meeting our Diversity Requirement. We plan to share our process from start to the present, from identifying stakeholders to including student voices, and how we were able to align with university-wide efforts at all levels to arrive where we are today. There will be time to strategize how similar efforts might work at your institution, including how to identify allies, include students, etc. to drive institutional change.

Speakers from the University of the Pacific:

  • Qingwen Dong, Professor at University of the Pacific
  • Jeffrey Hole, Association Professor of English & Director of Pacific Humanities Scholars at University of the Pacific (
  • Angel Zhong, Student Support Services at University of the Pacific
  • Chris Goff, Director of General Education at University of the Pacific


Presentation at the Georgetown University Equity Summer Institute.