A selection of conference presentations, lectures and posters given by faculty in the College of the Pacific - Department of Philosophy at University of the Pacific.


Submissions from 2013

John Stuart Mill’s Religious Challenges, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2011

Infusing Personal and Social Responsibility Into University-Wide Learning Competencies, Lou Matz

Pacific Seminar 1: Opportunities and Obstacles, Lou Matz

Using Clickers to Gauge and Engage Students in Philosophy, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2009

Ethics and Ethical Self-Reflection in a University-Wide Capstone Course, Lou Matz

The Pacific Seminars and LEAP, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2008

Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility in General Education, Lou Matz

Ethics and Narrative, Lou Matz

No Longer Optional: Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2007

Don’t Try This Alone: Educating Students to Become Citizen Leaders, Lou Matz

Building Campus Partnerships in an Academic Seminar, Lou Matz, Peggy Rosson, Mylon Kirksy, and Heidi Goettl

Submissions from 2006

Pacific Mentor Program: Connecting Liberal Learning and Citizenship, Lou Matz

Renovating Pacific’s Full-First Year Mentor Program, Lou Matz, Gary Miller, Dave Chase, and Douglas Tedards

Submissions from 2005

An Introduction to Philosophy and to Oxford University Press’ Introductory Readers, Lou Matz

Ridding Reason of a Transcendent God: Feuerbach’s Completion of Kant, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2004

Happiness and the Ethical Life, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2003

Protecting Freedom & Promoting Virtue in J.S. Mill’s Liberalism, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2002

Ridding Reason of a Transcendent God: Feuerbach’s Completion of Kant, Lou Matz

Submissions from 2001

Philosophical Counseling for Counselors, Lou Matz

Submissions from 1998

Religious Illusion in J.S. Mill’s Religion of Humanity, Lou Matz

Submissions from 1996

Hegel’s Missing Moral Virtues?, Lou Matz

Protecting Liberty and Promoting Virtue in Mill’s On Liberty: A Rejoinder to Fitzjames Stephen, Lou Matz