The importance of innovative research in behavior analysis

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Conference Presentation



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Annual Meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis


Association for Behavior Analysis


Seattle, WA

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May 25-29, 2012

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The principles of behavior analysis can be used in a wide variety of settings and with diverse populations. Furthermore, these principles can be used in the assessment and treatment of a multitude of behaviors, many of which are not commonly focused on in traditional research. The majority of behavior-analytic research generally focuses on the assessment and treatment of problem behaviors (e.g., self-injurious behavior, aggression, disruption) in special populations, such as individuals with developmental disabilities. However, some behavior-analytic researchers do address problems (e.g., substance abuse, physical activity, safety-related behaviors, sex offender-related behaviors) that lie outside of the mainstream behavior analysis research agenda. The panelists will discuss their personal accounts of conducting research outside of the behavior analysis "mainstream" and the importance of these lines of research to the field of behavior analysis. Additionally, panelists will discuss the problems faced when conducting such research, and provide advice to those looking to explore novel research areas in the field of behavior analysis.

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