Digitizing the Dead and Dismembered: DH Technologies for the Study of Coptic Texts

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Conference Presentation


Religious Studies

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Digital Humanities


Lausanne, Switzerland

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July 7-12, 2014

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The Coptic language evolved from the language of the hieroglyphs of the pharaonic era and represents the last phase of the Egyptian language. It is pivotal for a wide range of humanistic disciplines, such as linguistics, biblical studies, the history of Christianity, Egyptology, and ancient history. Whereas languages like Classical Greek and Latin have enjoyed advances made in digital humanities with fully-fledged online research environments accessible to students and scholars (such as the Perseus Digital Library), until recently, no computational tools for Coptic have existed. Nor has an open digital research corpus been available. The research team developing Coptic SCRIPTORIUM (Sahidic Corpus Research: Internet Platform for Interdisciplinary multilayer Methods) is developing and providing open-source technologies and methodologies for interdisciplinary research across multiple disciplines in the Coptic language. This paper will address the automated tools we are developing for annotating and conducting research on a Coptic digital corpus.