Creating and Sustaining Politically Engaged Citizens; A Model for Faculty and Leadership Professional Development


Marcia D. Hernandez: 0000-0001-9556-7699

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Conference Presentation



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Association for American Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting


San Francisco, CA

Conference Dates

January 25-28, 2017

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California Campus Compact (CACC) and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching created a two-year faculty development program to support service learning for political engagement. The project addressed a potential pitfall of service learning: that students might see service and community participation as lternatives to involvement in the political process rather than as entry points. The CACC Carnegie Service Learning for Political Engagement Faculty Fellows Program brought together faculty members from diverse institutions and from a wide array of disciplines to increase college students’ political engagement and advance service learning by focusing on dilemmas inherent in teaching for political participation. This session will present the fellows project as a model of sustainable and effective faculty development for promoting higher education’s role in civic and political education. Participants in the session will discuss the implications for similar professional development on a single campus or across several.