Millennials of Color and Racial Justice: How Administrators of Color are Working Across Generations


Marcia D. Hernandez: 0000-0001-9556-7699

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Conference Presentation



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Association for American Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting


Atlanta, GA

Conference Dates

January 23-26, 2019

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Featuring perspectives from four very different universities, this discussion section will explore how illennials’ expectations for an inclusive environment differ from previous generations of students and how administrators have managed that shift. Panelists will discuss key generational differences in how students and administrators of color view racial justice. Administrators are likely to give primacy to access and outcomes as key indicators of racial inclusion. Influenced by a civil rights framework, many administrators of color focus on dismantling structural discrimination as a ever for increased racial equity. In contrast, student leaders today are likely to focus on symbols, speech, and climate. From the names of buildings, to which speakers can give talks on campus, millennials have shifted the racial focus in higher education from structure to culture. oreover, today’s students are less willing to offer their uncompensated labor in service of race-based programming or inclusion initiatives. The panelists will explore how administrators can bridge the racial generational divide on campus.