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A 7th grader’s story of his pre-camp life

Mrs. G. W. Cook

August [1968]

My Past Life

I was born in the United States in the year of 1930.

I went to New Castle school when I was in the first grade. I changed schools when I was in the second and third grade I went to [Ophir] school and when I was in the forth, fifth and sixth grade I went to the Auburn Union Grammar School.

My summer vacation

On our summer I had to go out to the ranch and pick fruits. It was very hot out there were we had to [pick].

2. James

Every time we got to hot I ran off and went and took a nice cold shower.

One day we finished picking all the fruits so we played [every] day after that.

How I got hurt

[ ] The next day my father said who wants to go to town I said I wanted to and my brother said me too my little brother said me three. So off we went I was in the back of the truck and my little brother and my big brother rode in the front. Up we went up the big hill as we approached the top my brother

3. James

stuck out his hand from the window so I tried to pull his hand when the truck started down the hill I finally grabbed his hand when we came around the corner my brother tried to stick in his hand so I was pulling it out again. My brother got [mad] and gave a jerk off I flew on the road my brother told my father that I fell off so he stopped so he stopped the car and came running after me. I was in a bad condition.

4. James

Next thing I knew I was in the hospital all bandaged up like a mummy in the museum. I left the hospital the next day and went home with a car. As I was watching from the window I saw my friends playing baseball kickball and hide and seek I wished I could of been there playing all these games.

I was in the bed for one whole month doctor Louis told me not to play until the next week.

Sad News

Sad news came to me in the mail. The letter said we was to be evacuated to Marysville Camp. Very soon so we didn’t go to school the next week. We wrote a letter to our teachers that we where going away to some camp.

The teachers said she wasn’t so glad to see us go, but we had to go orders are order you know.

That Day Came

8. James

That day early about 3:00 in the morning we all whoke [woke] up and made a fire outside and warmed ourselves up. At 6:00 [o’clock] in the morning my uncle came to help us take our luggage to the bus station we left the house at 7:00 and left from the bus station at 8:00 p.m.

We wasn’t so glad to leave but we had to. There was a M.P. sitting in the front of the bus.

The End

Past Life



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