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Noriyuki Hiromoto

Dec. [December] 4,1942

I Facts about birth

A Place I was born in Terminal Island Calif. It is an island, and many Japanese lived on the island. There was a harbor and many fishing boat and cannery where they clean fishes and can them to send it to other states. There was a grammar school, bank, pool halls, barber shops hardware and stores

B Date I was born in Aug. 7, 1928

II Characteristics of early influence

A Home

1 Occupation of father fisherman

2 Guidance from mother She dressed me up in the morning and fed me, put me in the tub to take a bath and thought me how to walk, until I got big enough to do all the things to do myself.

3 Members of the family I have two brothers and two small sisters and father & mother. My brothers, me, father, and mother went to Japan and stayed there three months, but my brothers

[ ] stayed there eight years.

My oldest brother is 19, 16, 14, and my sisters are 12, 10 years old.

1 Toys I had a bycycal [bicycle], I used to race with someone who had a bycycal [bicycle]. We used to play follow the leader on the bycycals [bicycles], and I had a boat that has a prop which goes on the water and boats made of woods. I played with it on the sand, and made a harbor on the sand with small blocks and tye [tie] a string to the boat and pull it around the house and pick up some small shells for fishes, and I had cars, we made some roads out of sands where the cars can go and dig the ground and made garages for the cars and made a house for the people to live in

V Nature of vacation

A Activities- In summer vacation I went swimming most every afternoon in the harbor, and I went fishing in the evening and early in the morning. We catch fish and sell them or bring them home and give it to the friends

Noriyuki Hiromoto

VI Experience of evacuation

We lived in Terminal Island, and we were evacuated to Norwalk Japanese school. We went to school there about one month. There we went to Santa Anita, we rode on a bus for about forty-five minutes. We stayed there six months. There were grandstand where we had moving pictures and Issei nights and talent shows. There were six mess halls, and many other things. Than we had to evacuate from Santa Anita to Arkansas. When we were coming to Arkansas we saw many things, like trees, cactus, bushes, rabbits, birds and swamps in Louisiana. I thought we were going pass the Louisiana enternment [internment] camp but we didn’t pass so I was looking out the window, I saw a water turtles and snakes.

We rode on the train for four days and three nights on a hard crowded seats. When we reached here the Stockton people was waiting to load our baggages

into the trucks we reached her [here] on Sept. [September] 23 at 3:30. We got off the train in to the trucks and came to block 29 mess hall and ate our supper and got our room and baggages. First day there wasn’t any lights and went to [sleep] bed. I feeled like I was still on the train. After awhile I didn’t feel like I was on the train. Every night the trains passes at night so I can’t sleep. Most every [train] time theres about 80 [or mores] The train that goes here is [shere] sure long and the noise is sure loud. I can’t sleep so well at night.



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Noriyuki Hiromoto Autobiography, December 4, 1942