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The improvement of the teaching staff is a problem that constantly confronts every school department. Writers of leading books on school administration consider this problem so important that they almost universally devote one or two chapters to its discussion. Dr. Ellwood F. Cubberley suggests that the addition of a few young, well-trained teachers to the staff each year is one way of improving the work of a whole department. In recent years, however, many school departments have been unable to add new strength to their school systems by the addition of new teachers, for the reason that there were no new positions to fill. Teacher Tenure laws on the one hand and a dropping off in school enrollments on the other have forced many departments to rely upon an almost static teaching force. In order to improve the teaching staff in such a system a second way must be found and that is by improving the teachers who are already in the system.

The salary schedule is one of the most potent instruments to bring about a desirable situation in regard to the training of teachers in service. Over fifty percent of the more than two billion dollars spent annual in the United States for education is devoted to teachers' salaries. How this amount of money is to be spent and how the salary schedule is to operate becomes a very vital and significant educational problem.



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