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The purpose of this study was to improve social interaction and peer acceptance in socially isolated pre school children. It investigated whether children's stories a lone, and children' s stories paired with instrument playing led to improved peer ratings and an increase in social interaction during the following s mall group and large group free play periods . The subjects consisted of two groups of three children aged 3 - 5 years old . The study was conducted at two licensed preschools Monday through Friday in activity rooms. The children were selected on the basis of having the lowest scores on the Behavioral Observation device and by teacher referral. A Sociometric-Assessment device was a l so used pre-post to measure the change of peer social standing. Results of t he multiple baseline analysis across subjects showed that five of the six subjects had a greater overall increase in social interaction during the Books & Music treatment phase. Results of the Sociometric-Assessment measure showed a positive change (p< . 001) in the target subjects social standing among peers. Follow-up data suggested some maintenance of treatment effects . Given all of the positive changes, music educators and therapists should consider this type of intervention.