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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


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Edward W. Pohlman

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John V. Schippers

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W. Preston Gleason

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Robert W. Blaney

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Helmut H. Reimer


This study concerned itself with voluntary contraceptive sterilization in general, and involved both vasectomy and female sterilization individually. Vasectomy and female sterilization were not considered to be the same and were treated individually, yielding two studies in one. Males were studied for psychological, marital and sexual reactions to vasectomy; and females were studied for the same reactions to female sterilization. Although references will often be made to sterilization as a general term, this distinction should be maintained throughout the research. All hypotheses, while states as though they referred to sterilization in general, will consider vasectomy and female sterilization are compared, will this distinction not be made.