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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


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Armand P. Maffia

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Carolyn M. Fowle

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Donald Duns

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W. Preston Gleason

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Larry L. Pippin


A study was initiated to evaluate continuation programs in San Joaquin County touching upon the former students’ and current teachers’ perceived content and value of the programs being offered. Also the investigator decided to examine the following general areas: (A) What are the personal backgrounds of the participants?; (B) To what degree are the intentions of Education Code 5950 being followed/applied according to the perceptions of former continuation students and teachers currently teaching in continuation programs under study?; and (C) What reactions and suggestions do the respondents have for improving the continuation program in which they have participated?

Since the study was exploratory in nature, the investigator did not use stated hypotheses. Rather, ten research questions were asked about study participants’ responses.



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