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Dissertation - Pacific Access Restricted

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)



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Rita King

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Harriett Arnold

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Dennis Brennan

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Linda Lambert

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Mari G. Irvin


The purposes of this descriptive case study were to identify those factors which motivated seven elementary principals from California SB 1274 Demonstration of Restructuring Schools to seek the services of a coach/facilitator, to identify the characteristics that describe these principal/coach relationships, and to identify evidence that these relationships have had impact on systemic change. Data were gathered from four (4) different sources: (a) separate questionnaires to principals and coaches/facilitators designed to gather personal and demographic data, information on professional experience and experiences with other coaching relationships, and a description of how they would characterize their relationship with each other; (b) initial interviews with each of the principals and coaches/facilitators using prompts based upon the study's research questions. Participants were asked to maintain a portfolio of self-selected artifacts which they felt demonstrated that the coaching relationship had impact upon an identified systemic change effort; (c) a second set of interviews with principals and coaches/facilitators, together, which occurred after an eight- to twelve-week interval. Using a three-point rubric, participants discussed and assessed the degree to which they felt that their artifacts evidenced impact on systemic change; (d) a summative written reflection regarding the perceived impact of their relationship on staff and/or students. The analysis of the data produced several findings regarding motivation, characteristics, and impact. Factors such as SB 1274 requirements, being new to the principalship or to the school, and the coach's prior and/or ongoing relationship with the staff of the school were the motivating factors which caused the principals in this study to seek the services of a coach/facilitator. Even though each dyad had its own unique characteristics, an analysis of the data surfaced commonalties regarding coach/facilitator qualities, initial meetings/contracting, and activities and behaviors that occurred during coaching sessions. In terms of impact, each principal and coach/facilitator dyad was able to identify indicators that signaled to them that their professional relationship had been successful in impacting or was currently impacting a change effort at the principal's site. The impact on systemic change, however, was inconclusive.



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