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Master of Arts (M.A.)


Music Therapy

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David E. Wolfe

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J. Connor Sutton

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Audree S. O'Connell

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Doris C. Meyer


This study examined the effects of music and metronomic beat on heart rate (HR). ratings of perceived exertion (RPE). and physical endurance in healthy females ages 18 to 30. Volunteers were screened via a health questionnaire and the Astrand Work Test on a Monark bicycle ergometer. yielding a predicted aerobic working capacity (V02) of 28 mililiters or more. The 30 subjects were then randomly assigned to one of two experimental conditions (music or metronome group) for a cycling test at 75% capacity. HR and Borg RPE were measured repeatedly, with a posttest measure of physical endurance (kilometers travelled). No significant differences were found between the groups in HR. RPE. or kilometers travelled.

A music questionnaire administered to the music group following the posttest examined the subjects' preference for and familiarity with the music, perceived and preferred volume, and experience with music. Trends and suggestions for future research are discussed.