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Master of Arts (M.A.)


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Kenneth L. Beauchamp

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Martin T. Gipson

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William Theimer, Jr.


Numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of teaching parents behavior modification in order to manage and prevent child-related problems. The present study investigated a preventive parent training program using a multiple baseline design by teaching expectant parents behavior modification principles and applications. Three expectant mothers received individualized home training and "hands-on" training at a nursery school. Each expectant mother also received videotaped feedback on instructions and differential attention and praise she provided to a pre-selected child-participant while at the nursery school. After training began, the expectant mothers increased their us~ of praise to the child's cooperative behavior and their use of statements of a contingency and two behavior reduction procedures when the child was behaving oppositionally, The results indicate that expectant parents can successfully be taught effective child management skills before they have their children.