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Fuad M. Nahhas

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Alice S. Hunter

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Lee Christianson


Studies on the helminth parasites of salamanders from California have been very limited.

Between September 1975 and April 1977, 340 salamander belonging to seven species, Aneides flavipunctatus (7), A. lugubris (7), Batrachoceps attenuatus attenuatus (250), Ensatina eschscholtzii eschscholtzii (52), E. e. sierrae (17), Taricha torosa (6), and Dicamptodon ensatus (1), were examined for helminths and found to harbor 10 species, four of which are new. The parasites found are: Cestoda: Distoichometra ensatinae sp. nov. from Ensatina e. eschscholtzii and E. e. sierrae; and Baerietta diana (Helfer, 1948) Douglas, 1958 from Batrachoceps a. attenuatus. Nematoda: Dibulbiger caballeroi sp. nov. from Dicamptodon ensatus; Pseudaplectana cable isp. nov. from Ensatina e. eschscholtzii, Aneides flavipunctatus, and A. lugubris; Psudaplectana waltoni sp. nov. from Batrachoceps a. attenuatus; Cosmocercoides dukae (Holl, 1928) Travassos, 1931 form, Taricha torosa; Rhabdias sp. from Taricha torosa; Thelandros salamandrae (Lehmann, 1954) Schad, 1960 from Ensatina e. eschscholtzii, Aneides flavipunctatus and A. lugubris; T. magnavulvaris (Rankin, 1937) Schad, 1963 from Taricha torosa; and T. minutus Read and Amreim, 1952 from Batrachoceps a. attenuatus.

A new host record is established for Thelandros salamandrae from Ensatina e. sierrae. A host-parasite list covering work in California, Oregon, and British Columbia is also included.