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The ICI system consists of materials which guide the teacher in analyzing his own teaching behavior, so that he can gain an objective understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. With the system the only observer is the teacher himself; it is he who will view and analyze the tapes. The classroom thus becomes the learning place for the teacher, as well as for his pupils.

The problem of dealing with the actual process of teaching is quite different from the construction and testing of curriculum content. In this case the focus is on the strategy of presentation, rather than the content of. the presentation. This means that 1) an observational system to help the process of classroom interaction, ! and 2) a set of guidelines to help judge the effectiveness of different teaching strategies, or styles, are needed.

Some observation systems have been designed as· research tools to aid the study of differences between teaching styles and to find out what actual teaching behavior is like; while other systems have been designed as practical tools for teachers themselves to use in analyzing their own teaching behavior. This "self-analysis" may be done for the purpose of simply finding out what one does in the classroom, or it may be part of a self-improvement procedure.

ICI has been designed to help teachers improve their teaching through the analysis of videotaped recordings of their own teaching.

The present study is concerned with testing the effectiveness of the ICI package in helping teachers improve their own teaching.



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