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Wilfred M. Mitchell


A most important consideration in the area of Psychometrics is the concept of "validity". The question raised by the concept is: "What does this test measure?" To answer the question, We may either correlate the test being examined with some objective criteria or with another test. As we attempt to validate tests our knowledge of what the basic mental and personality traits are and how they relate to one another continues to grow and change.

The test instruments in this study are thought to measure rigidity in personality and concreteness in cognition. Therefore, a specific population considered high in these human factors is chosen for this study. Although some would say that such a population would tend to bias this present study by producing a high correlation, the fact is that such a correlation would tend to support the idea that these tests do measure what they purport to measure. If an average normal population produced no correlation at all, it would tell us nothing of the tests.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether Luchins' Water Jar Problems, an Einstellung test supported by a great deal of validation data , and Milgram's Word Meaning test, a relatively new test with almost no validation data, are positively or negatively related, and whether or not the relationship is statistically significant. If a significant relationship is found, it will give some validity to Milgram's Word Meaning test.



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