Dave and Iola Brubeck created The Real Ambassadors in the late 1950s. The jazz musical pointed out the absurdity of segregation and makes the case that artists such as Louis Armstrong are the best and "real" ambassadors to demonstrate a nation's ideals. It was recorded in 1961 and performed live only once. Despite their efforts, the play never made it to stage. Here is a collection of scripts and ephemera that document the creation of The Real Ambassadors.

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Submissions from 1962


The Real Ambassadors record cover, back and inside, Dave Brubeck and Iola Brubeck


The Real Ambassadors script and sheet music used at Monterey Jazz Festival, Iola Brubeck


1962 Monterey Jazz Festival Program pages concerning The Real Ambassadors, Unknown

Submissions from 1959


Iola Brubeck's World Take a Holiday or Blow Stachmo or Everybody's Coming entire musical play, Iola Brubeck

Submissions from 1957


Iola Brubeck's World Take a Holiday (later The Real Ambassadors) story synopsis, Iola Brubeck