Aeko Yoshikawa



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Native American




There are many cultures in the world with defined guidelines that determine whether one is an adult or still a child. From that determination, the law and society will treat one as an adult with adult responsibilities. Native American tribes signify one’s adulthood in a variety of different ways depending on specific tribal traditions. Ernestine grew up on a small reservation where her family made a home. On the peaceful reservation, Ernestine was allowed to wander and play. She and her family were involved with their tribes traditions that had been handed down for generations…


Oral History, Stockton - CA, California, Native American, History


This oral history is part of the STOCKTONSpeaks! Project that ran from 2002-2005 in Stockton, CA. You can read more about STOCKTONSpeaks! on the homepage and the About page.


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