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Coming-of-age can happen abruptly, through a single experience—or it can be a process. For Shoua Lo, a cheerful man who laughs easily, the process began at age 19, when he decided to marry and start a family of his own. For Americans of all ethnicities, starting a family is a rite of passage that can open the door of adulthood. When you have children of your own, it is harder to continue to think of yourself as a child. Shoua, born the second oldest in a family of seven sons and three daughters, knew very well what sort of responsibilities he was taking on…


Oral History, Stockton - CA, California, Hmong American, History


This oral history is part of the STOCKTONSpeaks! Project that ran from 2002-2005 in Stockton, CA. You can read more about STOCKTONSpeaks! on the homepage and the About page.


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