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Bishop L. Stallworth was born in Welty, Oklahoma in 1923. Not long after relocating to Boley, Oklahoma, Lewis attended school and graduated from high school in 1941. The following year, Lewis along with the rest of his family, joined similar migrants seeking new opportunities in California’s emerging defense industry. Lewis fondly remembers his military experiences that allowed him both to serve his country and to interact with different people. Although he was already of adult age when he left his home state, Lewis’s coming-of-age process was reinforced by his years of military service…


Oral History, Stockton - CA, California, African American, History


This oral history is part of the STOCKTONSpeaks! Project that ran from 2002-2005 in Stockton, CA. You can read more about STOCKTONSpeaks! on the homepage and the About page.

Stallworth Family: Bishop Lewis Stallworth, Sr. (Elder)



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