Experience Report: Running and Participating in a Multi-Institutional Research in Practice Project Activity (RIPPA)

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Conference Proceeding


Computer Science

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UKICER '22: Proceedings of the ACM 2022 Conference on United Kingdom & Ireland Computing Education Research


Association for Computing Machinery


Dublin, Ireland

Conference Dates

September 1-2, 2022

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In this paper we report on our experiences of being involved in the first Research in Practice Project Activity (RIPPA) which was established at UKICER 2021. The purpose of the RIPPA was to bring practitioners and researchers together from multiple institutions to collaboratively perform a practical research task at their own institutions over several months. The intended RIPPA outcomes were to strengthen the knowledge and skills of participants, expand their network of collaborators and to produce high quality research. As the first RIPPA draws to a close, we highlight the main successes, failures and other learning moments of the RIPPA to provide guidance for aspiring RIPPA leaders and participants. We hope that in sharing our experiences, we can encourage and support the launch and success of other RIPPA projects across the field of CER.