Dynamic gain motion control with multi-axis trajectory monitoring for machine tool systems

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Conference Presentation


Mechanical Engineering

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International Workshop on Advanced Motion Control, AMC

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This paper presents a new multi-axis motion control method for high performance machine tool systems. The multi-axis motion control system proposed is mainly composed of a multi-axis motion trajectory monitoring system and an intelligent motion compensator with dynamic gain control. The multi-axis motion trajectory monitoring system calculates the motion trajectory error of all axes. The intelligent compensator with the dynamic gain control dynamically changes the servo gain to prevent a motion error from happening. A computer simulation model of CNC machine tool motion was first created. Then, a feasibility verification of the system is conducted on an actual CNC machining center. It is found that the new control method could improve the motion trajectory accuracy of the axes greatly. The control concept, system design, system implementation as well as the feasibility study of this new control method are described.

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