Structured process for writing, revising, and assessing multiple-choice quizzes

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Conference Presentation


Mechanical Engineering

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ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings

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A structured process is presented for developing or revising a multiple-choice quiz. A multiplechoice checklist form was created based on the best practices found in educational measurement books. The multiple-choice checklist form serves as a guide for an instructor to revise an old quiz or develop a new quiz. The effectiveness of the multiple-choice quiz checklist form is determined based on an assessment and evaluation process. This paper considers the development a 'new' quiz for bending stress in a sophomore level fundamentals of mechanics course. Four instructors used the multiple-choice checklist form to develop a new quiz and five instructors developed a new multiple-choice quiz without the checklist form. Independent reviewers are used to carry out a quantitative evaluation of the new quizzes developed with and without the multiple-choice checklist form. The assessment form is based on the multiple-choice checklist form. The results of the assessment process show that the proposed multiple-choice quiz checklist form is a valuable tool for instructors to develop more effective quizzes. © American Society for Engineering Education, 2010.

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