Enhancing UCA-ESPRIT for non-circular sources

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Conference Presentation


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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2007 9th International Symposium on Signal Processing and its Applications, ISSPA 2007, Proceedings

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UCA-ESPRIT is a subspace-based algorithm that is applicable to uniform circular arrays (UCAs). It is a closed-form algorithm that provides automatically paired estimates of the azimuth and elevation angles of multiple far-field plane waves incident on the circular array. Recent work [1] has shown how ESPRIT type algorithms can be enhanced when the signals incident on the array are non-circular signals such as BPSK or ASK. These enhancements were applicable only to arrays with centrosymmet-ric manifolds. This paper shows how UCAs can take advantage of the non-circular source enhancements (which include better estimator performance and the ability to resolve a higher number of sources) despite the fact that the UCA is not a centrosymmetric array. ©2007 IEEE.