DSP implementation of an amplitude modulation transmission system: A capstone design approach

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings

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All students in the Electrical Engineering Program at the University of West Florida (UWF) are required to undertake a capstone design project. This paper presents an overview of the capstone design approach at UWF. The structure of the design course, the use of design milestones, and the role of the faculty mentor are discussed. The paper also presents the capstone project undertaken by a team of two students (Adrianne Candia and Waleed Kader). Their project involved the design of an amplitude modulator to modulate a voice signal onto a carrier, and an amplitude demodulator to demodulate the AM signal. The modulator and the demodulator were implemented using Texas Instruments C3x series floating-point digital signal processors. The project components included design of an anti-aliasing filter and amplifier at the front end, C-code to perform amplitude modulation, C and assembly code for amplitude demodulation (computationally intensive filtering operations were performed by C calls to assembly routines), and the design of a circuit board to support boot-loading of the AM demodulation code into a TMS320C31 processor.



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