Collected here are conference presentations and lectures given by faculty and staff in the Physician Assistant studies program.

The Master of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) Degree Program is a full-time, 27-month program in the Department of Physician Assistant Education within the University of the Pacific's School of Health Sciences.


Submissions from 2021

Description and Outcomes of an Interprofessional Education Activity Regarding Elder Abuse for Health Professional Students, David B. Gillette, Gabriella Musacchia, Tracey DelNero, and Todd E. Davenport

The Influence of Artificial Intelligence Medical Training on Student Learning and Skill Development, Nancy Hamler, Tana Summers, and Amin Azzam

Interprofessional Education to Promote Interprofessional Practice as an Effort to Prevent Medical Errors, Benjamin Reece, Tracey DelNero, and Deepti Vyas

Submissions from 2020

Remote Clinical Rotations, Jessica Q. Garner

Reliability of the Kiersma-Chen Empathy Scale in Health Professions Students, David B. Gillette, Todd Davenport, J. Mark Van Ness, Tracey DelNero, Deepti Vyas, Suzanne M. Galal, and E. Chavez

Use of Video Vignettes and Case-Based Learning to Educate Health Professions Students about Elder Abuse, Deepti Vyas, Tracey DelNero, Amanda Nguyen, and Lan Chi Nguyen

Submissions from 2019

Challenges and Opportunities in the Management of Overactive Bladder, Mark P. Christiansen

Charting a New Course for COPD: Key Updates for the Primary Care Clinician, Mark P. Christiansen

GLP-1 RA Therapy in T2DM: Implementing a New Standard of Care, Mark P. Christiansen

GLP-1 RA Therapy in T2DM: Implementing a New Standard of Care, Mark P. Christiansen

Goldilocks in Primary Care: A real-Life Story of Insulin Choices, Pattern Management, and Dose Adjustment, Mark P. Christiansen

Individualizing Asthma Treatments: Improving Control with Add-on Therapy, Mark P. Christiansen

Long-Term Management Strategies for Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis: What Clinicians Need to Know to Optimize Patient Outcomes, Mark P. Christiansen

Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of Primary Care in Early Diagnosis and Management, Mark P. Christiansen

Multiple Sclerosis: The Role of Primary Care in Early Diagnosis and Patient-Centered Management, Mark P. Christiansen

Optimizing the Diagnosis and Management of Chronic Idiopathic Constipation in Primary Care, Mark P. Christiansen

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Diagnosis, Treatment, and Management: The Primary Care Partnership, Mark P. Christiansen

Endocrine board review, Tracey DelNero

Transition to clinical practice and medical malpractice, Tracey DelNero

Evaluation and Management of Fatty Liver Disease in Primary Care, Curtis Fowler

Point of Care Ultrasound Workshop, Scott Martin and Curtis Fowler

Submissions from 2018

Early Recognition and Optimal Management of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis: A Patient-Centered Approach, Mark P. Christiansen

Evolution of Dyslipidemia Management: The Expanding Role of PCSK9 Inhibitors, Mark P. Christiansen

Fighting the Flu: Advances in Influenza Treatment, Mark P. Christiansen

Strategies to Optimize Detection and Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis in Primary Care, Mark P. Christiansen

Endocrine board review, Tracey DelNero

Medical billing and coding, Tracey DelNero

Evaluation and management of the Patient with Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI), Curtis Fowler


Defusing the Difficult Patient, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2017

Multimodal Treatment Strategies for Osteoarthritis Management, Mark P. Christiansen

Convulsive Syncope, Tracey DelNero

Implementation and Outcomes of TBL Activities, Tracey DelNero

Interactive Teaching with CANVAS, Tracey DelNero

Syncope – Approach to a syncopal patient in a dental office, Tracey DelNero

Hypoglycemia: Recognition and Intervention, Curtis Fowler


Hypertensive Urgency, Jed Grant


The Fundoscopic Exam in Clinical Practice, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2016


Emerging Trends in Infectious Disease, Jed Grant


Who Have You Been Kissing? (Oral Lesions), Jed Grant

Submissions from 2015

Endocrinology snip-its, Tracey DelNero

Pneumonia Update 2015, Tracey DelNero


A Pain in the Neck, Jed Grant


Toxicologic Emergencies, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2014

Enhancing Faculty Knowledge and Skills: Culturally Diverse and Underrepresented Students, Mark P. Christiansen

One Minute Preceptor, Mark P. Christiansen

Physician Assistants in Rural Primary Care: What Does the Data Show?, Mark P. Christiansen

Simulation Panel – The Use of Simulation in Physician Assistant Education Programs, Mark P. Christiansen

Understanding Consequences through Vignettes, Tracey DelNero


Current Drugs of Abuse, Jed Grant


Pediatric Pitfalls, Jed Grant


Updates in Asthma Management, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2013

What is a Physician Assistant?, Mark P. Christiansen

Why you should consider a career as a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner, Mark P. Christiansen

ENT Emergencies, Jed Grant


PA Interactions with Law Enforcement, Jed Grant

The Red Eye, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2012

What is a Physician Assistant?, Mark P. Christiansen

The Expanding Role of NPs and PAs in Dermatology Care, Mark P. Christiansen, Lakshi M. Aldredge, and Susan Tiso

How to be a Great Preceptor, Tracey DelNero

A pain in the neck: Atypical presentations of potentially life threatening conditions, Jed Grant

Management of Complications following Application of Conducted Energy Devices, Jed Grant

Ocular Emergencies, Jed Grant

Shortness of breath, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2011

NCCPA Certificate of Added Qualification in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Mark P. Christiansen

NCCPA Update and Certificates of Added Qualification (CAQ), Mark P. Christiansen

Submissions from 2010

NCCPA Update: Specialty CAQs (Certificates of Added Qualification), Mark P. Christiansen

The Latest on PA Certification from NCCPA, Mark P. Christiansen

The Latest on PA Certification from NCCPA, Mark P. Christiansen

Submissions from 2008

Get a new job, Jed Grant

Novel front end processes to decrease wait times, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2007

Effective MLP utilization in the Emergency Department, Jed Grant

Get a job, Jed Grant

Submissions from 2006

Disaster Preparedness, Before –During-After, Tracey DelNero

Submissions from 2004

Migraine management, Tracey DelNero

Migraines management, Tracey DelNero

Submissions from 2001

Women’s Health Issues, Tracey DelNero