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Master of Physician Assistant Studies


Physician Assistant Education

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Mark Christiansen


Heralded as one of the greatest innovations in medical science was the discovery and implementation of vaccines to prevent illness. It is why our society is no longer plagued with diseases such as smallpox and polio on a large scale. In recent years though, society has faced a new emerging threat in the form of vaccine skepticism and avoidance. Different terms have been used to describe this distrust in vaccines. The current preferred term of vaccine hesitancy is associated with refusal or postponement of vaccination despite vaccine accessibility and availability. This term is preferred over previous labels such as anti-vaxers, in order to remove the pro vs anti nature which presents the issue as a debate with two sides.2 But as most health care providers would agree, there is no vaccine debate. Vaccinations are proven to be effective and safe on the grand scale.3 The issue lies with society’s recognition of this information and the different factors that influence vaccine hesitancy.

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