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Master of Physician Assistant Studies


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Rahnea Sunseri


With increasing numbers of persons affected by CVD, it is important to examine innovative forms of exercise to find regimens that may fit individual lifestyles. A common barrier for adults meeting the minimum-recommended level of physical activity is lack of time.10 Decreasing the time required for effective exercise would surmount this barrier. Current guidelines suggest that 1 minute of vigorous activity equates to 2 minutes of moderate intensity activity. Thus, HIIT may provide a novel way to incorporate vigorous exercise for people who are limited on time or those not fit enough to perform continuous high-intensity exercise.11 Current research comparing actual CVD events occurring after either HIIT or MICT is not yet available. However, comparing the effects of HIIT with MICT on surrogate markers for CVD risk in patients with established CVD or its risk factors could answer this question. Examining changes in these surrogates (VO2 max/peak, blood pressure, and weight loss) within 6 months could predict CVD clinical outcomes.

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