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Mark Christiansen


Probiotics are becoming an important source of preventative treatment, due to their possible mechanism of action in modulating the immune system in the gut. Probiotics are also cost effective and have easy accessibility, which can play a role in treatment for gut related diseases. One disease that affects many people in society is diverticular disease, which has been shown to have inflamed and altered gut microbiota. Not only does this disease reduce the quality of life for patients, but also has an increased mortality rate.1 This increase in mortality is mainly due to complications of the disease process.1Obesity has also become a social burden and is a difficult disease to treat from a medical standpoint. Obesity is an important modifiable risk factor in diverticular disease. Both of these diseases are impacted by altered gut microbiome, which is a significant part of the probiotic treatment. With this addition, probiotics can enhance the quality of life and reduce complications in diseases such as diverticular disease.

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