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Since prostate cancer prevalence is so high, multiple treatment modalities have been developed, with a curative goal. The most common prostate cancer treatments include radical prostatectomy (RP), which is simple removal of the prostate; and external beam radiation therapy (EBRT), which is destruction of the cancer cells via direct focused beams of radiation aimed at the tumor from outside the body.2 Other treatment modalities for prostate cancer exist, but these two particular modalities are the subject of this literary review. Both treatments have different cancer related mortality outcomes; and both have varying side effects, which can affect the patient’s quality of life. These side effects most commonly include urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction, but may also include rectal pain, dysuria, fatigue, depression and secondary malignancy.3-4 There have been many studies identifying the efficacy and patient mortality rates associated with each treatment modality. However, there have been conflicting findings, and they do not incorporate the effects on quality of life. The aim of this literary review is to examine men over 60 years old with localized prostate cancer; then determine the effect of external beam radiation on quality of life and mortality compared to radical prostatectomy. The hope is to paint a clearer picture, so that a single treatment modality can be the primary choice for these patients in the future.

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