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Grey shapes are denticle bands (bristles) found in each abdominal segment. The Kruppel mutant has lost 6 of these bands, corresponding with Kruppel expression over the first 6 abdominal segments.


The even-skipped gene is expressed in 7 stripes along the A/P axis. It has 4 major cis-regulatory enhancers that control this. One element controlling stripes 3 and 7 has binding sites for Hunchback and Knirps, both of which repress the expression driven by the 3+7 enhancer. This enhancer is activated by the ubiquitous (expressed everywhere) activator Zelda. The element controlling stripe 2 is even more complex with binding sites for Bicoid, Hunchback, Caudal, Kruppel, and Knirps.

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eve, segmentation cascade, drosophila, Hunchback, Giant, Kruppel, Zelda, Knirps, stripe, enhancer