Information in context': Co-designing workplace structures and systems for organisational learning



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Conference Presentation

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Proceedings of the Information Seeking in Context Conference (ISIC 2010)


Murcia, Spain

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Introduction. This paper discusses an 'information in context' design project at Auraria Library in Denver, Colorado which aims to collaboratively create organizational structures and communication systems with and for library employees.

Method. This action research project is founded within shared leadership, informed learning and organizational learning principles and implemented using participatory design processes. The first phase involved an appreciative inquiry process resulting in an organizational realignment of personnel and the introduction of shared leadership. The second phase involved the co-design of organizational information and communication systems and subsequent implementation of initiatives.

Results. This project resulted in several of the co-designed knowledge initiatives being implemented within Auraria Library to enhance communication, decision making and planning systems. These included both face to face and technology enabled initiatives such as such as 'brown bag' lunches to a new wiki based intranet system.

Conclusions. This project advances professional practice through better understanding how to create workplace contexts that cultivate individual and collective learning through situated 'information in context' experiences. An appreciative framework was developed which values information sharing and enables knowledge creation through shared leadership.

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