The value chain of scholarly communication: Discoverability issues and collaboration opportunities



Document Type

Conference Presentation

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31st Annual Charleston Conference


Charleston, SC

Conference Dates

November 7-10, 2012

Date of Presentation



The lifecycle of scholarly works from author to researcher is supported by many points of cross-sector collaboration across the academic publishing industry. This ‘value chain’ - made up of publishers, technical vendors, and librarians, among many others - is a vital factor in the research workflow. Recently, questions around open access and online self-publishing have called this value into question - often by those who are not aware of the intricate steps and global teamwork involved in bringing a completed manuscript to fruition and ensuring it is readily accessible by other scholars. The objective of this session is to explore the “value-added” contributions of publishers, vendors and librarians and ways to collaborate on lasting improvements to the discovery of research and scholarship.

This session aims to provide an overview of typical steps taken by members of the scholarly value chain to shepherd a research manuscript through its lifecycle, from dissemination to the point of access. By demonstrating this process, we aim to inspire conversation about opportunities for improvements, especially in our work to ensure that research is highly discoverable by global academics. We will begin with a published journal article and its pathway through the academic network to the eyes of a reader, highlighting the links in the chain along the way. We will then use an online voting tool for audience participation to vote on which links need to be stronger and where the opportunities are for improvement. The panel will be prepared to engage participants in conversations and inspire cooperative action to enhance scholars’ capacity to locate relevant content in the scholarly corpus.

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