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Conference Presentation

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Music Library Association Meeting


Music Library Association (MLA)


St. Louis, MO

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February 20-24, 2019

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There is an urgent need for social justice. This need expands far beyond the walls of an information literacy classroom, but there is important work that can be done in these spaces. Lessons designed to stimulate student’s critical thinking about their personal assumptions and latent biases by using different kinds of information sources is one way music and instruction librarians can advance equity and inclusion through teaching. In this active-learning session, attendees will participate in several condensed lessons designed to challenge their worldview in order to facilitate the uncovering of unknown biases. At the same time, they will learn pedagogical techniques for the information literacy classroom by experiencing them first hand. The activities will include conceptualizing disability in the arts, investigating bias in the music industry, and examining reference works to uncover hegemony in the historiography of the canon. All activities will push participants (and hopefully their future students) to think critically about information, especially music and the arts, through the lens of diversity, inclusion, and social justice.


DOI: 10.17613/vydb-d981

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