Engendering Success: First-Generation Students & Emerging Models of Academic Library Support

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California Library Association 2017 Conference, New Worlds Emerge


California Library Association


Riverside, CA

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November 2-4, 2017

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In the United States, the majority of first-generation college students are from populations historically underrepresented in higher education. “First-gen” students face unique challenges as they navigate their path toward a degree, and generally experience lower rates of persistence and graduation than their non-first-generation peers.

In order to better serve these students, the University of the Pacific Library has established a program of targeted first-gen outreach. The Academic Support Librarian who leads this initiative is a first-generation college graduate, and is responsible for several academic majors and programs with large first-gen populations, such as Sociology and Ethnic Studies.

This poster will illustrate successes to date, discuss areas for future growth, and contextualize the Pacific program within larger library and higher education trends.

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