John Muir and the Big Trees

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Conference Presentation

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Society of California Archivists Annual Meeting


Society of California Archivists


San Jose, CA

Conference Dates

April 27-30, 2011

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Archivists often stand dutifully by while they watch historians come into their repositories and do research using the collections that they administer. However, our inner historian occasionally tugs on a thread of the past, and as a result, archivists sometimes end up doing research "for themselves." This session will provide examples of three research projects carried out by archivists, each with a focus on a particular facet of Northern California history: the story of C.E. Kelsey, a San José-based Indian agent during the early 1900s; research on John Muir and his exploration of the sequoias of the Sierra Nevada in the late 1800s; and the planning and design of Greenwood Common, a collection of post-war Modernist homes and gardens in the Berkeley Hills. This session will reveal some local history to visitors from across the state and provide the speakers, all at different points along their projects, with the opportunity to share and discuss their research with others.

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