Open Access in Health Sciences: Learning, Adapting, and Trying to Grow in Academic and Clinical Settings


Mickel Paris: 0000-0002-5908-382X

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Conference Presentation

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Open Access Conference


San Jose State University


San Jose, CA

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Increasingly clinical doctors desire and need to publish their research. As a result, the issue of open access is moving into the clinical setting. This presents unique challenges to Health Science Librarians. In addition to working alone and with very limited library budgets, Health Science Librarians must stretch their current role to include becoming an open access expert in order to educate hospital administrators and library users, while giving proper advice and guidance to authors within their institutions. Health Sciences Librarians in academic settings also face limited budgets and increasing requests for access to materials on generally smaller budgets. Issues regarding the ethical acquirement of papers and presentations, as well as the proper handling of sensitive health information are some of the challenges faced by academic Health Sciences librarians. Sharing information and strategies with colleagues, classes offered by professional organizations, and a continued willingness to change and adapt are some of the ways that Health Sciences librarians are able to meet the needs of the communities they serve. This presentation will present some of the strategies, ideas, and classes that have helped two health sciences librarians meet the open access needs of their communities.