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Conference Presentation

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Fostering the as-a-service economy: International Conference Proceedings –Information Systems and Technology Innovations 2017 (ISTI 2017)


Information Systems and Technology Innovations (ISTI)


Tirana, Albania

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June 23-24, 2017

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The most significant innovation enables the realization of far greater human potential. The catalyst of such creativity in higher education is the acquisition of new knowledge and the living of new experiences. Then, within innovation and incubation environments, new thinking enriches knowledge handed down from previous generations, enlivens contemporary lives and informs future growth. Emergent knowledge encourages recognition of the limitations of traditional academic disciplines, exploration of new interdisciplinary frontiers, and, from this, novel transdisciplinary insights that unlock human potential and improve human conditions.

In response, the University for Business and Technology intends to build collaboration environments to enable discovery and access, interpretation and analysis, creation and sharing of knowledge. These aspirations recognize the synergies possible when individual discovery is reinforced by collective inquiry with the shared purpose of using information to learn to create knowledge together. Further, this UBT planning initiative acknowledges that societal progress, whether local or global, ultimately depends on catalyzing, fortifying, and affirming human inquiry. So enabling environments will place humans at the center of the knowledge creation spaces and places that aim to advance participant capabilities to meet the demands of working in a global marketplace and living in a global society.

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