In the Spirit of 1992: Access to Western European Libraries and Literature


In the Spirit of 1992: Access to Western European Libraries and Literature




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This exciting volume is required reading for every librarian who needs to understand the rapid changes in Western European information services resulting from the new European Community. As Western Europe moves toward a unified economic market, librarians must prepare for a corresponding unification of information services and databases. In the Spirit of 1992 provides vital information on the linkage of information services in the newly established European community. This important volume represents a commitment to increase access to an impressive European databank by an expanded global clientele. Through an elaboration of the information infrastructure supporting political, economic, social, and bibliographic interconnections among Western European nations, readers will gain a detailed understanding of this multifaceted landscape. In the Spirit of 1992 encourages the furthering of human and technological partnerships through enhanced information exchange to ensure that the world will enjoy better access to information for improved international decision making.

Librarians will gain detailed understanding of contemporary developments in Western European librarianship from informative chapters on topics such as information policy and library status in the European Community, standardization and other cooperative strategies among libraries in Europe, bibliographic access in the United Kingdom, access to information stores in Nordic countries, access to selected European online databases, and implications of European libraries’cooperative developments for American libraries. This revelatory book features the thinking of distinguished experts on key initiatives in the European information community. Some of the important contributors to this groundbreaking volume include Harold Dierick, chair of the European Community and Associated Institutions Library Cooperation Group, Paula Goossens, chair of the European Library Automation Group, and Philip Bryant, Director of the Office for Library Networking in the United Kingdom. Reference librarians, international library consultants and planners, and library school faculty will find essential information on subjects such as the Western European information environment, past, present, and future cooperative access strategies for sharing individual resource collections across geopolitical boundaries, and recent developments in the "Plan of Action for Libraries in the European Community" in this groundbreaking book.

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In the Spirit of 1992: Access to Western European Libraries and Literature