John Muir


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circa 1887



of sage plains, where sage hens delight to feed. Here and there a juniper. Dry white alkali. Came to the end of the road. Whisky bottles. Came to the edge of the bluff. 500 ft down to the left – a lake- to the right lave beds, gray, with a pitted appearance – gradually rising to South Mountain. A dark forest, broken only by the smooth sides of craters. Shasta southwest. Glorious with white rock.

Sand beds. Mass.

4900 ft top of bluff

4450 ft. Tule Lake. [sketch: E. lava beds. 460 200 400 W.]

View of Lava beds from bluff plain as if burned sage blurred as if singed and burned. Black patches pitted, sloping from timber to lake. Sagebrush is sparse patches. 2 spears of grass. [sketch] Erigonum, linosyris, mint. Caves.

15th. A bright clean cloudless purple sky. Rosy Shasta. Lively scene. Ducks, cranes. Geese, and gulls.

[sketch] 30 graves. board-head to the bluff. Killed April 26th & Jan. 17. Fini location.


2 ½ or 3 miles round the south end of the lake. Jack’s stronghold. Canis eriogonum and two species of bunch grass with remarkably graceful panicles. Mints too and sage in tufts. Soldiers might well dread. All seem to fear the lava deserts without Indians. The purity of the sky above and deer plants, lake and birds wholly redeem them from all repulsions.

Indians [stone] house, so called when threatened. Frightened by shells. Modoc boy. Fat, round, handsome. Few families left. Sconchin friendly to whites. Went to the reservation with about half tribe. Redoubt like a crows nest.

16th. All sunshine. Crystals on sage. Finest and largest I ever saw. All glorious.

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