John Muir


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circa 1887



[wealth & virtue] [valor], may we come to know each other better & may you live forever & make every pine tree [feel the prick &] tingle with [of] your prickly (electric) [feet] toes. See pg 132 Transpose here Neoloma

July 2d} Day of brightest [vital] sunbloom thrilling plants [all the trees] & animals and [the] rocks alike making [the] sap & blood flow [quick & joyous] fast in every living cell & making every particle [in the huge ribs] of the crystal mountains throb and swirl and dance in glad accord like stars [harmony] all kept in joyful rhythmic motion [moving] - so called animate & inanimate to the [beatings] pulses of Nature’s big heart [of one pulse]

No dullness anywhere visible - no stagnation, no [final] death. Today is (yet) creations dawn Today the world is being built X Transpose The finest particles of matter however compacted, grouped in crystals or swirling free in minds are yet dancing to one tune, warmed by the pulses of one’s heart [grand music &] the dullest [deadest] stone is drenched with life, & all things flow in one cosmic flood.))

Clouds today and yesterday about [.05] as usual.

pearl cumuli [to the eastward] over the higher mountains; clouds not with a silver lining but all silver. The brightest crispest rockiest looking clouds most [of] varied features & keenest in outline [of varied features that] I ever saw at any time of year in any country No finer


rock scenery may be found on the mountains in relations & harmonies of hill & dale grandeur of design [in sculpture] & delicacy of finish [in the subordinate details] than now is displayed in [of] these aerial landscapes. One may easily fancy [feels sure] they are firm enough to walk about on & climb & slide on [as on any Alp of rock & snow]. Only the visible upswelling expanding motion reminds us that the substance is cloud destined to vanish [in the downpouring floods of sunshine] like snow & mist. But so also the rock mountains themselves range after range rise & vanish though somewhat less [strikingly] [“ “] rapid owing to our [habits of thought & modes] way of looking at things.

[Nevertheless] The daily building & unbuilding of these [this] snowy cloudrange - the highest

Sierra is a prime marvel to me, & I gaze [every day] at the stupendous white domes [lifting] miles high [into the sun-filled ether] with ever fresh admiration [that becomes ever more keen & overmastering.]

But in the midst of these [big] sky mountain affairs, [[stupendous affairs of the sky & the mountains we are [we are] touched in stomach & disturbed more than seems reasonable by a slight]] [want of beat is causing much trouble] pulling us down [through a mere] change of diet.

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