John Muir


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circa 1887



June 30th} Half cloudy, half sunny, clouds pure lustrous white & the tall pines crowded along the top [back] of the Pilot Peak ridge look like six inch miniatures exquisitely outlined on the satiny sky

Average cloudiness for the day about .25. No rain. And so this memorable month ends [passes on & away], a stream [flood] of beauty unmeasured, no more to be sectioned off by [the] arithmetic [[of our

almanics [almanacs] and astronomical circles than the sun radiance [of the sun] on the currents of rivers and seas, It is all one outpour emanation from God ceaseless immeasurable like the light floods of the sun beauty a calm flow of [ ]

How profound the stillness & peace of these June mountain[s] days & yet how surcharged with life

& eternal ceaseless tuneful motion. Every morning arising from the death of sleep ones [all my] senses my whole being seems at once to fill like a sponge in [with] the ardent life about us currents filling all the world. Every tree & stone even, manifests [its] radiant life, its radiant enjoyment & seems to shout, 'Awake awake come to me join in' Hear my song - learn my lessons - enjoy my beauty drink from my fountains [love] is come [sun] come! come!

There are moments when everything seems equally divine. As if glowing and radiant melted in [the] one glowing fire of Heaven’s Eternal Love]]


[[Everything in it seems equally divine one smooth glow of Heaven’s Love. Never to be blotted or blurred by anything past or to come [And ones pulses beat in harmony with the [making] pulses of the stars & the rocks & the clouds as well as with of the plants great & small & all our fellow animal creatures with bodies like our own.

Looking back seems [This is] the greatest of all the [my] months of my life. The most fertile of [them] all. The most truly free & boundless like eternity bestowing a true immortality which surely no after-

-experience can dim it. [touch.]]

than sun radiance or the currents of seas & rivers – a peaceful joyful stream of beauty throbbing with life. Every morning arising from the death of sleep the happy plants [great & small] & all our fellow animal creatures & even the rocks seemed to be shouting Awake Awake Rejoice Rejoice Come love us & join in our song, come come.

Looking back through the stillness & peace & romantic enchanting beauty of the camp grove, this June seems the greatest of all the months of my life, the most truly divinely free, boundless like eternity, immortal.

Everything in it seems equally divine, - one smooth pure wild glow of Heaven's Love never to be blotted or blurred by anything past or to come.

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